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PNAC Services

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PTH-amino acid
See individual pages for Service Status
Amino acid analysis - protein/peptide composition and concentration determination
  - non-protein amine and free amino acids analysis
Mass spectrometry - MALDI mass fingerprinting for rapid protein identification from gel bands
  - intact protein size estimation
  - DNA/RNA oligonucleotide, peptide and small molecule analysis
Edman sequence analysis - This service is now closed
Peptide synthesis - This service is now closed  

General enquiries
  • Phone: 01223 764502 or 01223 333638
  • Fax: 01223 766002 - this is a general Dept number so please mark for attention of PNAC Facility
  • Email: contact the staff specific to the service you require

The PNAC Facility is located in room 3.09 on level 3 of the Sanger Building.

Postal address: PNAC Facility, Dept. of Biochemistry, 80 Tennis Court Road, Cambridge, CB2 1GA

Facility Director: Dr Len Packman 01223 333639

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